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What do we photograph?

Wedding photography is art -and we are serious about it. We love taking photos of people, human moments, and human creations. With a backdrop of nature or even the city, we create images that will become the most powerful memory of your happiest day.

We draw inspiration from all the moments of your wedding and turn it into a piece of art that remains unaltered through time.

Why do we like photographing Weddings

We love wedding photography because we adore participating in something so strong. We experience your special day, happiness, and love, just like your guests!

Smiles, emotions, dances, and flowers are all sides of a world that we would love to be able to see more often.

What is a Destination Wedding?

Every destination wedding is a journey. A trip to places we love to photograph. Seas, mountains, beautiful cities. Everything can be an ideal setting to start your own unique love story.

If what you read seems interesting to you, or you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be more than glad to hear from you!

How do we experience the Wedding

Everything starts with your first appointment with us. We are always happy to hear how you have dreamt of your wedding day, and we almost always feel the need to become part of your beautiful story and experience it as if it were our first time.

Besides, every wedding is truly unique as it consists of different people, moods, and places. We are looking forward to the day just as much as you do!

Which part of the wedding do we like to photograph the most?

Every part of a wedding has its own interest in seeing it photographed.

During the preparations, there is a bit of anxiety, anticipation, and the will to be beautiful as never before for your future husband/wife. It is a challenge for us to capture these feelings in the most beautiful way.

The wedding ceremony is the central part of the whole day when, with consistency and discretion, we are witnessing your most holy moment. We offer you pictures of tears, joy, and excitement, beautiful decorations, as well as images with applause and …rice!

The wedding party is probably our favorite part! It's the time you finally share your joy with your loved ones.

Each party has its own rhythm and atmosphere, but one thing is the same in all wedding parties. All your friends and relatives are there to embrace you and dance with you till the morning!

Next day shooting is a photo session that has its own special atmosphere. This is the time for a photo session only with you and your beloved one. Your wedding story can finish with you in more relaxed or set poses, in the beautiful scenery that means something to you.

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